Coming in 2020


En av oss
Winter 2019

A long documentary about an avid icehockey fan(atic), who discovers unhidden strengths in himself throughout challenging times.

Language: Swedish/Finnish

Title in English: One of us

Length: 67 mins

Från flykting till främling
Winter 2018

A 28 minute documentary about two immigrants who try to change the Finnish stereotypical views and creates a school tour where they talk about their situation.

Language: English

Title in English: From refugee to stranger

Length: 28 mins

Gran Paradiso

A modern Ulysseus in post 9/11 Europe.

Language: Italian/English

Length: 90 minutes

Spring 2016

A documentary about the three-time world champion in bench press Fredrik Smulter. 


Language: Swedish/Finnish

Length: 67 mins 

Summer 2016

A short film about dementia and hidden secrets.

Language: Swedish

Title in English: When granny took her photographs for a walk

Length: 15 mins

Summer 2018

A film about Sebastian Westberg, a young Finnish FMX-rider. Editing and consultation on dramatization.

Language: Swedish

Title in English: The Free Style Dream

Length: 28 mins

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